The Knowledge Channel Foundation, Inc. (KCFI) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to uplifting the lives of Filipinos from poverty through education.

Since 1999, KCFI has been at the forefront of providing learners with access to multimedia learning materials on-air through K Channel television, online through KCh Online and on-demand through the KCh Portable Media Library. It is the first and only curriculum-based transmedia system focused on Philippine basic education. It, too has been proven to be an effective tool in increasing learning outcomes, student participation and community involvement among schools.

To help improve the quality of teaching and learning, KCFI conducts training for teachers and principals through its program called Learning Effectively through Enhanced Pedagogies (LEEP). Further, the Foundation is also involved in strengthening governance among educational leaders through programs like the Superintendent’s Leadership Program (SLP).

As one of the key stakeholders of the Department of Education (DepEd), Knowledge Channel builds various partnerships with well-meaning individuals and corporate donors to help bridge gaps in access, quality and governance, using the power of media and technology.

Over the years, Knowledge Channel has been given recognition both in the local and international scene for its unique efforts in educational media and technology, professional development of educators, corporate social responsibility, volunteerism and collaboration with local communities.

K Channel Multi-Media Learning Resources 

Knowledge Channel is the foremost source of relevant, dynamic and engaging multi-media learning resources (MMLR) in the Philippines.

Following DepEd’s curriculum for Early Childhood Development, K to 12 and Alternative Learning System (ALS), Knowledge Channel produces and acquires videos, games, and apps for the learners and their teachers. These learning resources cater to various topics in key subject areas such as K to 12 Science, Mathematics, English, Filipino, Araling Panlipunan, and Values Education. Modules for Alternative Learning System (ALS) modules that are highly contextualized for its learners are also available.

Initially accessible through cable TV and satellite television, K Channel’s MMLR can now be viewed on ABS-CBN’s digital terrestrial TV (DTT), on its website,, through its Portable Media Library packages, and apps on mobile devices. More than 3.9 million school children in more than 3,000 schools from 63 provinces in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao use the MMLR.

Leadership and Management 

Knowledge Channel supports schools division superintendents (SDSs) by providing them continuing professional development. It’s Superintendents’ Leadership Program (SLP), which it conducts in partnership with DepEd, the Lopez Group Foundation, De La Salle University, and the Australian Government, is a 12-module course intended to provide these education leaders with the required competency necessary amidst the reforms in Philippine education.

Since the program started in October 2012, a total of 162 superintendents and assistant superintendents have participated and have been participating in batches. The 47 SDSs belonging to the first batch completed their 12-module course on February 14, 2014. The other two batches are both in the process of completing the program.

Training on Pedagogy 

Recognizing the vital role of teachers and principals in the lives of learners, Knowledge Channel launched the Learning Effectively through Enhanced Pedagogies (LEEP) in 2013.

LEEP aims to ensure that the approaches, technologies, and teaching environments used in teaching result in effective learning—where students are active participants in their own learning and where growth in learning is continuous. LEEP is implemented and made relevant with thematic content to fit the needs of the schools and the localities where they are. These themes include Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) and Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) for schools in areas habitually visited by typhoons; Cultural and Heritage Preservation for schools in areas with very rich indigenous traditions; Peace Education and Responses to Conflicts in schools in conflict areas; and other themes or topics relevant to the needs of the teachers, principals, and the learners.

Developed by the Knowledge Channel with a team headed by former DepEd OIC-Secretary and KCFI Consultant for Education Dr. Fe Hidalgo and implemented by a dedicated team of educators, LEEP: The Essential K-12 Training is Knowledge Channel’s contribution to DepEd’s K to 12 program in the classroom. To date, KCFI has conducted the trainings with more than 3500 teachers and principals participants from more than a thousand schools all over the country.

Excellence in Educational Transformation Awards (EETA) 

In partnership with Bayan Academy and Rex Bookstore, Knowledge Channel gives recognition to elementary and secondary schools that implement transformative programs to improve the quality of education through the annual Excellence in Educational Transformation Awards (EETA).

EETA encourages schools around the country to foster change in education. The criteria for the award include innovations based on learning effectiveness, school efficiency, transferability and measurability of innovation, teacher or faculty development, and social mission.

Through EETA, Knowledge Channel encourages schools to modernize its teaching force, benchmark academic standards, and create new models for education.

KCFI Awards and Commendations 

Knowledge Channel’s programs in transformative and lifelong learning, as well as and its unique dedication in the service of the Filipino have been recognized by various institutions and award-giving bodies. Some of the commendations and awards that the Foundation has reaped over the years include:

  1. “Anvil Award of Merit” for KCFI’s Lakad Mo, Pangarap Ko (Public Relations Society of the Philippines, March 2005)
  2. “Gold Quill Awards of Excellence” for KCFI’s Lakad Mo, Pangarap Ko (IABC Philippines, March 2005)
  3. “Best Education Support Program for 2005” (Asian Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility, Jakarta, Indonesia, September 2005)
  4. “CMMA Serviam Award” (Catholic Mass Media Awards, October 2005)
  5. Recognition from the Department of Education for supporting DepEd’s Adopt-A-School Program (December 2005)
  6. “Lopez Achievement Award for Public Responsibility” for KCFI’s TEAM-Mindanao (March 2006)
  7. “Award for Social Artistry” (Federation of Catholic Schools Alumni Associations, August 2007)
  8. “Anak TV Seal Award” for Salam (Southeast Asian Foundation for Children & Television, December 2007)
  9. “Outstanding Benefactor Award” (DepEd Region VI-Western Visayas, Division of Iloilo City, December 2007)
  10. “Best Website Award” for (Catholic Mass Media Awards, November 15, 2013)
  11. “Best Adult Educational/Cultural Show Finalist” for Wow (Catholic Mass Media Awards, November 15, 2013) 
  12. K Channel Shows: Carlos’ Blog, Puno ng Buhay, and Salam High School are screened in the Prix Jeunesse International 2014 Media Bar (August 2014)